I think this is a very interesting topic.  I know that when I was walking
around I purposely was not snapping shots unless I saw some architecture I
was thinking about creating in lace....and of course never take selfies!
ld  For lace exhibits, I had several strategies.  I would usually take it
in first and experience it.  Then, I would go around  and take quick snaps
for documentation, but would spend time taking quality shots and close ups
for things I really wanted to study.  I wanted to make sure to have a
record of what types of work were done by which people should I want to
contact them in the future.  I will say that this type of photography is
not necessary when there is a great catalog, and I am free to not worry
about it.  In this case, though, there was certainly no way to make a
catalog.  There were simply too many pieces in too many different locations.


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