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> I'm non-voting, of course, so I'm not going to offer an opinion, *per
> se. * But, Gideon, I keep hearing "in Berlin". Whom did you speak to in
> Berlin? LangCom people? Board members? If it was board members, then we
> might actually need some guidance as to what the board was thinking, and as
> to what they might like us to do about this.
I remember speaking to Gnangarra in the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in
April 2017.

I say the same thing to all the people who ask what is needed to create a
Wikipedia in a new language: Have a bunch of people who know that language
write a lot of articles in that language. Of course I also mention the
requirements for ISO code, completion of translatewiki most used messages,
and expert approval.

This is oversimplified, but the essence in this case is that I am sure that
I didn't say that it's OK to create a project in a new language that will
not be written in that language. This would be a self-contradiction.
Perhaps somebody else said something like this.

I'll write my longer opinion about the case in a separate email.
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