Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 07:21:00 -0500
Subject: Re: 128MB for Libretto 110, is there a way?

Hi Paul, thanks for the posts, they certainly caused a lot of folks to pay 
attention to the memory upgrade possibilities of the Libretto.

I was unable to download your jpeg's at first and responded to what I 
thought you may have done, that is, you used the current memory boards 
within the Libretto. But you're really "adding" memory chips to the board, 
that is possible I suppose but 99.99% of the people here would not be able 
to do it, especially if it requires unsolding surface mount chips and 
cutting a new circuit board. There is also very little room inside the 
Libretto versus the IBM PC to add more chips, where would a new board fit 

Also, it still is; in my mind anyway; a matter of the addresses on the 
memory chip, can the CPU use the new, extra addresses properly? I am only 
familiar with upgrading the memory capacity on a radio. I added switches to 
allow me to addresses certain addresses on a radio memory chip one at a 

An example would be a TV, let's say each channel is 16MB of memory. To use a 
different 16MB of memory I need to change channels, but since I only watch 
one channel at a time that's not a problem using a manual switch to address 

On my radio I only listen to one station (memory) at a time so it's not a 
problem adding 16 times the memory capacity for storage. But I am not all 
that familiar with a PC's CPU and how it uses RAM memory chips. If your IBM 
shows more RAM, is it actually there or is the CPU fooled into thinking it's 

Once you can explain how the CPU can access the extra addresses on the new 
memory chip I'll be able to understand how you did the mod. PC are not my 
area of expertise, I'll do a hack here and there but your idea is new to me. 
Explain in more detail, take your time, no need to rush, I'm not about to 
run out and buy more chips today :)

Best wishes,
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