Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 18:32:24 -0500
Subject: Re: 128MB for Libretto 110, is there a way?

>Concerning the space of Libretto's addition memory chip. I think,
>you can solid over the existing ram chip (on top of the orginal ram
>just like the IBM PC110,

Piggyback the new RAM chip into place? Most likely not possible on the 50Ct, 
too tight in there and the memory chips are already stacked, wiring new ones 
in will be a nightmare. And while I'm at it, I KEEP forgetting to mention 
that back in '96 I paid $179 for 16 MB additional RAM, last month I paid $69 
for 128 MB of RAM. The prices in '96 made it very unlikely that Toshiba (or 
anyone else) would give you a 32 MB RAM chip and only use 16 MB of it on the 
50CT. The only way to get more RAM was to add it to the slot provided for 
upgrading and unless someone can find a board that will fit into "that" slot 
with more than 16 MB of RAM on it, all the stock 50CT should be capable of 
is 32 MB RAM, sorry.

As for what Paul is offering, it could work provided we can cram another 
board inside a 50CT, it's tight in there! Mounting the chips flat on the 
back of the existing ones will require a lot of soldering of wires Paul, 
even I'll pass on this one. I've unsoldered and resoldered mega-pin surface 
mount chips before, no_fun_at_all :(

>The reason why I wish to find the solution for memory upgrade is
>currently I use Win2K with my Libretto. Win2K is a memory eater

Can it be configured to be less of a memory eater? Either that or you need a 
100CT or 110CT for more RAM. If you have any files or pictures you want 
placed on a WEB site, if you do not have access to one, let me know I can 
loan you space. Keep in mind that many sites like Yahoo offer "free" Web 
pages too. It'll make it easier for fellow Libretto owners on this board to 
get at the info at their leasure and not tie up this particular board with 
large files.
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