They are actually the same thing.  Lift's processing directives are simply
built-in snippets.  You can, if you dare, override their functionality. :-)



On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 11:23 AM, bob <> wrote:

> if I see <lift:XXXX/>, it could mean one of two things: a directive,
> e.g., <lift:bind/> or <lift:surround/> or shorthand for a snippet, eg
> <lift:myClass> represents <lift:snippet type="MyClass">
> i guess I would like to see these disambiguated a shorthand for
> snippets that doesn't overlap with the directive namespace.
> some possible solutions:
> 1. <lift:bind/> would be the directive and <lift:.bind/> would be the
> snippet. please don't get hung up on my use of dot. it is only an
> example, and not an actual suggestion.
> 2. <lift:bind/> maps to a real class, not some internal code, much the
> way <lift:msgs/> maps to net.liftweb.builtin.snippets.Msgs  (thanks
> Jorge)
> 3. <lift:bind> is the directive, and <liftsnippet:bind> is the snippet
> comments?
> thanks, bob
> >

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