As you might have noticed (or not, in case you haven't been in the last
3-4 lectures), Guy Edri is filming the lectures in his DV.

Currently, he keeps the "films" at his disposal.

I would like to ask your opinion on the following ideas:

A) Whoever wants a copy of a lecture, gives him (or anyone else willing to
be our burner) the CDs/few NIS and gets the CD(s) later.
B) Putting the lecture on a technion server which will broadcast them over
the internet.

Before A or B can be accomplished, the lecturers will have to sign some
legal forms (as there is a problem of copyright, etc.), in order to allow

Both A and B can be done simoultanously, so note that this is not A or B,
but - what do you think on A, what do you think on B.

Now regarding option (B). In case it will take place, at the beginning the
access will be restricted to Technion students. This thing is due to the
fact that their server is configured to play the streaming only to the
Technion internal network. This will allow access only to Technion
students, but in my point of view, those are 13000 people more than
nothing. I hope that the server will allow (specifically for us, at least)
to broadcast outside as well.

Comments are welcome, including more suggestion on how to distibute the

Orr Dunkelman,

"Man is the only animal that blushes--or has reason to." --- Mark Twain


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