On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, John Rabkin wrote:

> Why should every lecture be that large? I'm no expert but I've
> downloaded realmedia lectures from http://www.aduni.org/courses/java/ at
> around 50-100MB. I admit knowing nothing about video or audio codecs.

It depends on the quality and high quality video will have to be that large.

> > I see www.haifux.org has nothing close the amount of diskspace
> > needed to host such a project.
> Maybe you could release audio only .ogg or .mp3 versions on
> www.haifux.org. Releasing audio only versions with a tarball of that
> lecture's slides could be a low bandwidth alternative.

  I agree. An ogg version of the audio would be very useful to those without
broadband connections. I suggest making two versions - low quality (for
dialup) and high quality for broadband/ISDN.

> I have a CD-burner and am willing to make CD copies for anyone for the
> price of the media, or just being handed an empty CD.
(and the original of course)


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