Alon Altman wrote:
  If Guy Edri agrees to burn the CDs, I see no problem. Guy, did you encode
all lectures already to the PC? If not, I suggest creating VCDs which are
playable on most DVD players. You'll need dvgrab, mencoder, vcdimager, and
cdrdao to complete this task under GNU/Linux 

  I am willing to keep the copies of the CDs at my disposal and burn copies 
Also, if it's really nessecary, I can convert DV->VCD during weekends
   I encode most of the lectures (the one that took place last Monday i didn't encode yet).
I store the lectures in my house at the highest quality (DVD quality).
If you plan to put it for broadcast over the internet i suggest 3 ways :
1>High Quality - SVCD (limit the access only to aDSL/Cable/T1 Etc)
2>Medium Quality - VCD (Limit the access only to ISDN and above)
3>Low Quality - ogg/mp3 audio ONLY. (no limits)

I don't know if you can play RealMedia/QuickTime encoded movies in Linux.
RealMedia 9 codec are the best in the market both in compression and quality.


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