On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Orr Dunkelman wrote:

> As you might have noticed (or not, in case you haven't been in the last
> 3-4 lectures), Guy Edri is filming the lectures in his DV.
> Currently, he keeps the "films" at his disposal.
> I would like to ask your opinion on the following ideas:
> A) Whoever wants a copy of a lecture, gives him (or anyone else willing to
> be our burner) the CDs/few NIS and gets the CD(s) later.

  If Guy Edri agrees to burn the CDs, I see no problem. Guy, did you encode
all lectures already to the PC? If not, I suggest creating VCDs which are
playable on most DVD players. You'll need dvgrab, mencoder, vcdimager, and
cdrdao to complete this task under GNU/Linux.

  I am willing to keep the copies of the CDs at my disposal and burn copies.
Also, if it's really nessecary, I can convert DV->VCD during weekends.

> B) Putting the lecture on a technion server which will broadcast them over
> the internet.

  Instead of (or in addition to) using the technion broadcast server which
limits you to streaming only and currently works only inside the Technion
network, I suggest putting MPEG or DivX;) files online for download. Note
that each lecture will be several hundred megabytes, depending on
compression. I see www.haifux.org has nothing close the amount of diskspace
needed to host such a project. Maybe one of the linux-il corporate sponsors
could donate a server/HD for the purpose of hosting these lectures?


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