On Wed, Mar 05, 2003, Adir Abraham wrote about "[Haifux] Some notes regarding the 
> The party is there for everybody in general, but the first priority will
> be given to OS course (234120), the 2nd to OS structures course (046209),
> 3rd for other students, and 4th for any other person, so please ask the
> person's name - before you install. There will be a list with names for OS
> course students, at least. Approximately, 200 people should arrive for
> both days.

Maybe I'm out-of-line questioning this decision (since I won't be there to
help, most likely), but why the 234120 favoritism? Why do EE students
have to come in 2nd place and Mathematics students (like I was) come 3rd?
How will installers who are not students, or students of a non-CS department,
feel of such discrimination of their friends?
In anycase, I don't even understand which "queue algorithm" you plan to
apply to enforce this favoritism and how you plan to avoid "starvation".
I would strongly recommend that you rethink this idea...

There are other ways to throttle demand, by the way. You can ask for
advanced registration, and you can sell CDs for people to install on their
own instead of waiting in line.

> CDs in advance, and we might not. Don't count on it too much. Whatsoever -
> the students will get references so they will know where to download ISOs
> from.

How do typical students (toar rishon, not in dorm) download ISOs? It's not
as easy as you might think. Not everybody has a high bandwidth connection
and (shudder) not everybody has a CD writer.
Anyway, the truth is that after a sucessful installation not everybody will
need the CD-ROMs, so maybe not having them will not be such a huge loss.

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