On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Orr Dunkelman wrote:

> The perl club meets in Haifa
> university, which is fine by me, and I never claim this is a "Haifa
> university-only" thing, even if they will hold a closed to Haifa
> University computer science course about "Programming using un-usable
> lang." (please, no flames on that, thanks), I would still not consider it
> a bad thing, as they did it.

I read the above paragraph a few times and I think you gave a wrong example.
I might be wrong, and if that is the case, I apologize. Otherwise, please
read on:

Perhaps you failed again to explain yourself as it seems you think that 
the Perl lectures held in CRI were ment only to Haifa university people.
The fact is more than 90% of the people who attended the course did not
come from Haifa university (except for the first 3 lectures where the 
Haifa university people were the majority). Some people came from the
Technion, others came from the industry. In any case, each week people
from all over were invited to attend and learn.

The upcomming Perl conference (see: http://www.perl.org.il/YAPC/2003/)
to be held in Haifa university welcomes speakers from all over (from abroad 
too) and welcomes participants from all over.

Your comment about the usability of the language makes me wonder what do you
know about Perl at all. Such comments made towards GNU/Linux makes you and 
others in the Haifa Linux Club think how ignorant people can be... still you 
could not resist making such a comment yourself.

I believe you can make your point without offending and abusing other people's 
initiatives. If you need something to laugh at or flame to make a point, please
consider it again. Usually it makes a bad strategy.

Shlomo Yona

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