I second this idea.
Favouritism is a bad thing, especially when there are no "better" students 
than others. This whole method sux. When I used to be at the Technion I saw 
it, and hated it. I still hate it. 


On Wednesday 05 March 2003 14:13, Orr Dunkelman wrote:
> My suggestion for the queueing algorithm is as follows:
> You register - your in.
> You're not registered - you get to be installed only if there is an open
> slot (pan intended).
> On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Nadav Har'El wrote:
> > On Wed, Mar 05, 2003, Adir Abraham wrote about "[Haifux] Some notes 
regarding the instaparty":
> > > The party is there for everybody in general, but the first priority
> > > will be given to OS course (234120), the 2nd to OS structures course
> > > (046209), 3rd for other students, and 4th for any other person, so
> > > please ask the person's name - before you install. There will be a list
> > > with names for OS course students, at least. Approximately, 200 people
> > > should arrive for both days.
> >
> > Maybe I'm out-of-line questioning this decision (since I won't be there
> > to help, most likely), but why the 234120 favoritism? Why do EE students
> > have to come in 2nd place and Mathematics students (like I was) come 3rd?
> > How will installers who are not students, or students of a non-CS
> > department, feel of such discrimination of their friends?
> > In anycase, I don't even understand which "queue algorithm" you plan to
> > apply to enforce this favoritism and how you plan to avoid "starvation".
> > I would strongly recommend that you rethink this idea...
> >
> > There are other ways to throttle demand, by the way. You can ask for
> > advanced registration, and you can sell CDs for people to install on
> > their own instead of waiting in line.
> >
> > > CDs in advance, and we might not. Don't count on it too much.
> > > Whatsoever - the students will get references so they will know where
> > > to download ISOs from.
> >
> > How do typical students (toar rishon, not in dorm) download ISOs? It's
> > not as easy as you might think. Not everybody has a high bandwidth
> > connection and (shudder) not everybody has a CD writer.
> > Anyway, the truth is that after a sucessful installation not everybody
> > will need the CD-ROMs, so maybe not having them will not be such a huge
> > loss.

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