On Wednesday, 14.03.2018 at 16:09, Martin Lucina wrote:
> On Wednesday, 14.03.2018 at 15:51, Martin Lucina wrote:
> > I've now done a full cross debootstrap on the host to work around the
> > kernel BUG, adding the kernel modules from 4.16-rc5 manually to the rootfs.
> > Interestingly, U-boot or the kernel don't seem to see the ethernet device
> > at all. Also, the ATF is complaining about setting up the PMIC which may be
> > related?
> ... this appears to be random: on a cold boot I now get a "NOTICE:  PMIC:
> setup successful", however "modprobe dwmac-sun8i" still gets me no network
> interface.

And a further data point: I've taken the SD card containing kernel
4.16-rc5, stretch rootfs used in my tests so far, replaced U-boot 2018.03
and the dtb with the Pine64+ versions and successfully booted on a PINE
A64-LTS board a friend lent me. There are no instances of the "BUG: bad
page state in process ..." and I also see the Ethernet device in U-boot and
the kernel.

In summary the above plus my testing so far with two separate Olimex
A64-oLinuXino boards points to the Olimex board support and/or hardware
in general being the cause of the problem.


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