On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 11:10 AM, Zandr Milewski <za...@milewski.org> wrote:

> As someone who has spent easily 100 hours troubleshooting, rebuilding, and
> restoring UFS based Netgate boxes that have to function in environments
> with less-that-datacenter grade power availability, I'll take "potential
> corruption in corner cases" over "1 in 4 chance it won't come back from a
> power cycle"
> *Any* journaled filesystem is an improvement.

Journaling on UFS is just one setting away. Boot single user from USB, then
run "tunefs -j enable /dev/da0" for your boot device da0. Done. I don't
know why FreeBSD does not recommend this for the boot volume, but I think
as long as you never fill up the disk you're ok. I've no had issues with
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