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> Are the FreeBSD 10.2 instructions (
> https://www.netgate.com/docs/platforms/rcc-dff-2220/freebsd.html) still
> valid for 11.1?
>    - Connect the console cable (I have that setup)
>    - Boot from from a memstick image plugged into the USB port
>    - From the Menu select 3, Escape to the loader prompt
>    - Enter the following commands
>       - set comconsole_port=0x2F8
>       - set comconsole_speed=38400
>       - set hint.uart.0.flags=0x0
>       - set hint.uart.1.flags=0x10
>       - set console=comconsole
>       - boot
>    - Select shell or LiveCD from the FreeBSD installer menu
>    - Run tunefs
> Or does the 2.4 memstick installer give one an escape to shell option?

The hint lines for uart flags are unnecessary but harmless since FreeBSD 10.

The image does have a "live" mode where it runs entirely in ramdisk, but
nothing will let you set the serial port to the second port. You will have
to use these settings to use the second port.

You could try just booting to single user mode and run the tunefs. I don't
remember if that works or not for the boot volume with FreeBSD 11.
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