Figured I would send this question out to the log4j side.  I have already had 
some email exchanges with the log4net mailing list regarding porting log4j2 to 
.NET.  My suggestion was that the apache logging framework be a single 
architecture design which is platform agnostic and then teams which port to the 
different platforms.  It seems log4net was a port of log4j and may be going off 
in its own direction from that initial port.  My viewpoint is that's a bad idea 
as one of the benefits I saw was that log4net was similar to log4j2 and we're 
looking for logging frameworks for our enterprise.  We have applications on 
both Windows/.NET and Linux/Java so having a logging framework for Windows/.NET 
which is similar to a logging framework for Linux/Java was a big plus.

While I have no doubt the effort to port log4j2 to .NET is considerable, it 
would be a port and thus I'm not spending time figuring out design and 
algorithms.  Would anyone want to venture a guess at what that effort might be?



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