On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:

>* Jonathan Peterson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> Also, as it is a modern cruise ship, we will use Grep's l33t hacking skills
>> to gain control of all the automated systems from his Psion 5, whereupon we
>don't get me started on PDA's being used to ``hack'' systems, e.g. that
>james bond film where they use a CE device and i've seen palm pilots
>used - now if it was EPOC say a nice R380 (with non-standard ROM)
>sure, but PalmOS, CE ...... nah

Psions are eminently capable of hacking- I use my Ericsson rebadged 5MX
as a pocketable terminal emulator at work- plugs straight into a serial
port with decent terminal support. Ideal for administering UPSs, remote
power control units, and machines with the system administrator shell
running on the serial port.

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