On Jan 24, 11:07am, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
> The line I heard was "they decided to line up all the inept middle
> managers at ICL up aganst a wall but they couldn't find a wll long
> enough..."

That's frighteningly close to being true.

I worked at ICL Bracknell 01, the large building you see coming into
Bracknell from the A322.  On the bottom floor we had the humungous
machine hall which accounted for about 2/3rds of the floor space.  There
were offices surrounding it.  People did work here.  The machine room
was 2 floors high so the first floor had only the offices around the
edge and a gallery looking down onto the tops of all the boxes in the
machine room.  People did work here.

The 3rd floor was for sales and marketing suits.  They did what they would
claim was "work" here.  There were a few small groups of people on the
5th floor who also did some real "work".  But apart from them, the upper
8 floors of the building were all management.  Managers progressed up the
company and up the building.

In the late eighties, ICL was bleeding money and got bought out by
Fujitsu, presumably at a knock-down rate.  They kept the top floor and
the bottom 3 floors and kicked the rest out.  The people that is, not
the actual floors themselves.  Unfortunately, the few people who did
survive the culling were generally the really useless twats who spent
their time colouring their noses the right shade of brown and making
sure that they weren't the first ones up against the wall when the
revolution came.  Such is the way.

Nevertheless, I was amused that I went from being 13 layers of management
separation away from Peter Bonfield, the man at the top, to only 4 away.
But he still didn't answer my calls or accept the invitation for a beer
after work.   :-(


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