On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> ironically, a lot of .com problems could of been avoided and yet they
> still would of made the deadlines imposed by `internet time', if they
> had slowed down and used traditional business techniques such as
> cost/benefit analysis to prioritise functionality

spam has a high cost/benefit ratio... :(

> taking a random site - lastminute.com


> i just went there, no their business model is essentially - sell
> stuff at the last minute, generally targetting people with
> disposable income

and spamming.

> so i look at their site, they have chatroom functionality! why?
> why does a site selling this sort of thing need chatroom
> functionality? what is the benefit compared to its cost

well, quite. So you can chat about how crap they are. And of course,
because everyone else is doing it, so we have to too. :(


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