i'm not sure this does cut both ways - if what you are saying is correct -
then java's dominance becomes even more of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

i don't think it's the corporates themselves who are making all the noise
about java - it's an aggressive sun PR department which is latching on to
corporate java projects and then turning these into "case studies". 

basically, no matter how much good-natured perl advocacy there is out
there - it's always going to be very hard to influence corporate decision
makers when you are up against an army of buzzword technology salaried PR

i think the difference between Linux and Perl is relevant. Linux has been
adopted by big hardware manufacturers in an effort to challenge M$
dominance. Linux is therefore gaining credibility in corporateland (though
the jury is definitely out). The same cannot be said of Perl. Until a
corporate puts marketing muscle behind it (highly unlikely) people will
perceive it as a hacker technology.


ps whoever raised the issue of opex/capex - openness: the more people i
talk to nowadays about selling consultancy work - the more i hear people
wanting product and support - not bespoke solutions. people out there have
different notions of openness: they would prefer to be in hock to a brand
name technology company (eg Open Market) than a consultancy with an exotic
skillset (which does actually make some sense).

> One thing to remember is that the hype cuts two ways. We may read in a
> magazine of ten projects using Java, and none using Perl, but that is as
> much because the companies that are using Perl don't bother sending press
> releases to everyone than it is because no one is using Perl.

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