On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 10:19:15AM +0100, James Powell wrote:

> And MySQL has got full-text indexing now - didn't notice that one
> http://www.mysql.com/news/article-54.html
> "MySQL 3.23 now has full-text indexing and searching capabilities. This
> allows you to search your vast databases of
> textual information, with queries returning search string
> occurrence/relevance."

Ooh!  Previously I've always had to go for Oracle when that sort of feature
was needed, because of the Context module for it.  Context is very good,
but an absolute bastard to use.  [adds mysql to the to-do queue]

> ... the new LJ...

I've let my subscription lapse.  The magazine doesn't seem to have the
same interest for me as it used to.  I'm not in the slightest bit intersted
in Gnome vs KDE comparisons, web crap, game reviews and the like.  I want
kernel hacking, and lots of it.

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