I quote from the MediaSurface brochure on my desk:

"The Content Server is written in Perl, the de facto standard language for
server-side applications on the World Wide Web."

> It's not just that, if a software house wants to support a languages
> interaction with its product, where does it go for Perl? P5P? CLPM?
> Could a CEO/CTO go on and really discuss sensitive matters with
> either group?

Alas that TPI went titsup.com. Businesses love partnerships - they smell of
shared risks. Businesses can partner with RedHat to get involved with Linux.
They can't partner with anyone but ActiveState to get involved with Perl,
and for some reason ActiveState just don't seem to have the right vibes.

> Also i think the lack of Perl certification, is one of the biggest
> problems with Perl work in london, coming from the other side of
> things.

Yeah it's a bitch.

> *sigh*
> Greg
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> Greg McCarroll

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