* Nathan Torkington ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Simon Wistow wrote:
> > You use the RPC::Automagic module and pass it a RPC server/port/user
> > name/password/whatever. From that point on it overloads the use keyword
> > and anything you try and use it will actually connect to the RPC server
> > and pass it all the parameters. Any modules you didn't want froma
> > remote server you just use them before you use the RPC module. Or tell
> > it to ignore those.
> That's kinda, but not quite, what SOAP::Lite has.  For a single
> namespace you can tell SOAP::Lite that function calls are really
> SOAP calls.  It's all invisible, and really cool.
> If you whispered this idea into Paul Kulchenko's ear, he'd probably
> have it implemented within a day :-)

Actually SOAP::Lite is the perfect control code for the CiP scale, 
I nominate SOAP::Lite for CiP level 3, i.e. CiP~~~


my $method = 'as_' . ($object->SOAP::Data::type || '-'); # dummy type if not defined
# try to call method specified for this type
my @values =  map {
    $self->can($method) && $self->$method($_, $object->SOAP::Data::name || gen_name, 
$object->SOAP::Data::type, $object->SOAP::Data::attr)


sure it makes sense, but it still is CiP and trust me this isn't
the only bit of CiP in here and much kudos to Paul for it ;-)


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