* Nathan Torkington ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Greg McCarroll wrote:
> > sure it makes sense, but it still is CiP and trust me this isn't
> > the only bit of CiP in here and much kudos to Paul for it ;-)
> I'm unsure what CiP is, but if it has anything to do with gnarliness,

CiP = Crack induced Perl, the sort of things that most C++ _software
      engineers_ would want you strung up for. The sort of things
      you can only get away with in languages like Perl and previously
      the only other sort of place you could see this sort of thing
      was Assembly and/or severe wizardry C.

> I know that Paul wrote a >1k regexp to parse XML correctly.  It only
> fails one test from a real XML parsing package, and he tracked that
> to the limitations of the new RE stuff in 5.6.0.
> That dropped my jaw.

Is it available online?


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