From: "Greg McCarroll" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: 28 March 2001 20:58
Subject: Re: Job: I'm looking for one..

> * Simon Cozens ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 08:47:03PM +0100, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> > > I suggest (with Dave Cross' blessing), that we
> > > form the certification. NetThink and Iterative will
> > > sign up to teach to a given level of skills (or several levels).
> >
> > Fuck it. Let's do it.
> Well as a fairly independent person in this matter, i will volunteer
> to coordinate this. Unless there are any objections - i already
> have a reasonable plan og how to achieve this _quickly_. I can
> take it from Simon's email that NetThink believe this to be a good
> idea, if others can reply _on list_ we can get a good sense
> of commitment, i think i identified some parties in the previous
> email.

I too think it's a good idea, if only because I could probably persuade my
company to give me a few days off to revise for an exam :-)

Have you thought about charging structures, SAP charge about 300gbp to take
a certification exam, and they offer courses that are specifically designed
to help you pass, which culminate in taking the exam itself. And if you are
collecting money and giving out qualifications, have you decided what
company should be doing it. And you'll need some way to say that the
certifiers are certified to do this anyway, otherwise the certification
won't be worth much.

Just thoughts...


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