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>* Simon Cozens ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
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> > > Also i think the lack of Perl certification, is one of the biggest
> > > problems with Perl work in london, coming from the other side of
> > > things.
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> > Hmm. I wonder how we could go about fixing that.
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>My favourite solution in business when you are faced with the problem
>of people not wanting you to implement something or not being sure
>about it and wanting a period of consideration is as follows ...
>fuck it, just do it
>(who says i couldn't work for nike)
>I'd suggest that it is a reasonable working assumption that both
>NetThink, Iterative and other Perl Consultancies/Trainers want to
>make money. I'd also state the assumption that if proposed to the
>wider Perl community - Perl certification would go back into
>argument state, so I suggest (with Dave Cross' blessing), that we
>form the certification. NetThink and Iterative will
>sign up to teach to a given level of skills (or several levels).
>This process _has_ to be open and should have a deadline. If we
>can get something that helps london / south england and/or the UK
>then we can achieve something.
>I'd advise getting some non-trainers involved as well, perhaps
>Blackstar and other Perl businesses? (their hook will be that
>they become partners and get logo placement in whatever pseudo
>forum/organisation does this)
>I realise this action and the attitude may not be popular on
>the wider stage, but ho hum.
>Thoughts? If Simon (NetThink), Piers/Leon (Iterative), Dave Cross
>(with his hat on) and a couple of companies that use
>Perl say this is a good idea, i think we can do this.

Got my blessing - for what it's worth.



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