Paul Makepeace wrote:
> Can you trivially embed a perl network application in a browser?
> Java's favour is not *entirely* due to massive marketing pimpery.

Java support in browsers didn't magically come because Microsoft and
Netscape said "Hey, let's develop a Java plug-in for our browser".

Try doing Java in Lynx. Or Mosaic. Is there even a plugin for Netscape <

I'd say that's marketing and not something built-in. You want client-side
Perl, you have ActiveState's PerlScript. What, nobody has a client for it?
Well, lack of marketing.

I think there was even a Tcl plugin for Netscape that nobody used. Probably
not because of merit or lack thereof, but just because it wasn't hyped
enough, and/or didn't ship as standard with a major browser.

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