On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, David Cantrell wrote:
> You show me a DNS server which supports kanji :-)

Although the format for domain names is 8-bit, and they do support 8-bit,
the host (according to RFC1123) must match


which doesn't really give you support for hostnames in those many

> This is a big bugbear of mine.  Yes, you can register domains in all these
> weird scripts, but there's bugger all software support for them, and it

and anything checking for an RFC1123 valid host will barf.

> will take *years* to replace all that's out there with new versions.  Look
> at how slowly crypto use is spreading, or how little-used IPv6 is.  IMNSHO,

Ah, but on the other hand look at the growth curve for the internet. It
*will* pick up.

> the registrars who are hyping their furrin-language domain registrations
> are committing a gross fraud, as registrants are led to believe that their
> new gobbledigook.com will be usable when it ain't.

Possibly true.


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