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> > > Tell all your friends. No heckling.
> > 
> > Does that mean we can heckle but they can't?   :-)
> That would be "Tell all your friends, no heckling."
> Doesn't anyone learn grammar any more :)

Funnily, enough, no.  I was born in 1974, I've never been taught english
grammar and I know of nobody who has.  It's actually quite annoying as
it leads to all sorts of infuriating "I know that looks right, but I
don't know why..." thoughts.  If anybody could reccomend a small grammar
reference, that would be incredibly useful.

OTOH, every foreign language I've ever learned has started with the
grammar lesson within a month.  And when I want to learn a language one
of the first things I do is reach for the BNF.

ObPerl: So which is harder to parse?  Perl or English?


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