On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 12:22:39PM +0100, Simon Batistoni wrote:

> Of course, this comes back to the fact that the user will need to have
> control of/know where the NT mailer exists, but I believe most NT hosting
> services do install blat, and tell people where it is.

If the purpose of this is to make it utterly drool-proof, then why not
re-write File::Find (can't make them install it of course, that would be
expecting too much) so that it finds their mailer for them.  We'd have to
re-write Digest::MD5 too, so that we could compare the found file with
a signature just in case someone has been messing with filenames.
Wouldn't want to accidentally start Back Orifice instead of blat.

Yeah, silly isn't it.  That's what happens when you aim for the lowest
common denominator.

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