I bought 3 CDs yesterday, about 32 quids worth . I downloaded 2 Napster
tracks last week.

I object to paying 3.99 gbp (for a single), or 12.99gbp  (for an album
track) to just get one song. However, if I hear another track from those
artists, and like it, I will probably get the full album.

I also use Napster (when I'm working somewhere with a big pipe) to get
digital copies of music that I've already paid for analogue copies of.


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> At 13:27 20/05/2001, Elaine -HFB- Ashton wrote:
> >You can't expect to steal music and then bitch about how someone is
> >stealing copies of your book on line.
> True. But just so as we know where we all stand. I have only ever used
> Napster to find copies of unavailable music.
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