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>At 17:37 22/05/2001, Roger Burton West wrote:
>>And get a shell account, why don't you?
>Thanks. I already have several. 


>Much as I'd love it if everyone was to be able to post to the list from their 
>favourite Unix mail client all the time, 

Oxymoron, surely?

>have the time or knowledge to do that. This email client snobbery is getting too 
>frequent. Just because someone is posting from an Exchange server, it doesn't 
>necessarily mean that what they are saying is less valid.

Indeed. And some of us use display technology that doesn't have an overwhelming urge 
to be backward compatible with 1972, and can therefore do cool futuristic stuff like 
handle more than 72 columns.


>[bugger! another grumpy start to the day]

I blame the hot weather. It's unnatural.

Jon 'Troll? Where?' Peterson

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