At 17:37 22/05/2001, Roger Burton West wrote:
>On or about Tue, May 22, 2001 at 05:23:32PM +0100, Cross David - dcross typed:
> >I've not actually seen the manifesto, but from what I'm told it really means
>If you can't be bothered to take a few minutes to look, why the hell are
>you posting about it? The actual text is:
>"A future Conservative Government will repeal IR35 and replace it with
>legislation that addresses genuine abuses."

Because, although I hadn't read the manifesto, I _had_ read the news 
stories when this piece of policy was announced about two months ago.

>In other words, it'll be in the pockets of whichever lobby group pays
>them most at the time, just as the Labour one was.

Exactly. What I object to is the contractors I hear saying that just 
because the Tories have said they'll abolish IR35 then they _must_ vote for 
them. Conveniently ignoring a few facts:

1/ The second half of the sentence states that it will be replaced by 
something else. And we really have no idea what it might be.

2/ Most intelligent people make up their minds who to vote for on the basis 
of more than one issue.

3/ Some contractors don't actually agree that IR35 is such a bad thing.

[snip oversized corporate disclaimer]

>And get a shell account, why don't you?

Thanks. I already have several. And I can't get to any of them from within 
Acxiom without spending inordinate amounts of time doing things that I'm 
not being paid for. I will, however, spend some time this weekend trying to 
fix my webmail that my ISP broke somehow a couple of months ago.

Much as I'd love it if everyone was to be able to post to the list from 
their favourite Unix mail client all the time, I understand that is never 
going to happen. We are just going to accept that some people will always 
be forced to post using whatever email fuckwittage their company lands them 
with. Yes, there _are_ always round it, but some people don't have the time 
or knowledge to do that. This email client snobbery is getting too 
frequent. Just because someone is posting from an Exchange server, it 
doesn't necessarily mean that what they are saying is less valid.

I intended this group (and, by extension, this mailing list) to be 
inclusive. We should be encouraging people to use Perl, not scaring them 
off because they use the wrong email client.

[bugger! another grumpy start to the day]


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