Dominic Mitchell [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>AFAIK, the starfire (Sun Ultra Enterprise 10000) only goes up to 64
*>processors (I used to work on an under equipped one  ;-)  The SGI
*>challenge does 128 procs, though.

The starfile does, indeed, max out at 16 boards with 4 processors each
making 64 processors in total. It also has a cap of 64 GB ram.

*>Sorry, but I have no experience of SQL server worth mentioning, just
*>Oracle.  Although the starfire had 6Gb of RAM in the place I used to
*>work at, it still ran like treacle.  But I'm no DBA, so there's probably
*>a very good reason for it doing this.

Yeah, probably someone was a cheap bastard after buying the E10k. One of
the major US broadcasting companies used to run their website on a couple
of U2s with 512mb ram and a NFS mounted filesystem with Oracle..and let us
not forget them using FrontPage for collaborative design. Buying fast
hardware is only one part of the solution. 

If the E10k was slow it was most certainly due to bad system operation
desgin and a human who didn't connect the dots and follow the slow I/O. 

*>[1] The ultrasparc was still stuck at 400Mhz last I looked...

Look again. The UltraSparc-III is at 750Mhz and up. 


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