On Thu, 07 Jun 2001, Ian Brayshaw wrote:

> >I didn't even reallise you could get NT for serious mips .. I though it 
> >only ran on likkle PC things ...
> I wouldn't have used the word "ran" ...

I did put something about htat but deleted it .. I leave it in next time. 
I have worked on Solaris boxen that have been up running fo , literally
years. I have worked on NT boxes that have worn out hteir power buttons,
nuff said.

> The chief "advisor" raves about the power, flexibility and price of 
> SQueaLServer19100 being more than a match for Oracle 8i/9i.
obviously clueballs.  I haven't run large dbs on NT .. I did for a while
run a terrabyte or so of data from a NT machine and some fibrechannel
switches, and fibrechannel raid arrays ... the words 'flakey' and 'blue
screened again' come to mind ... it would blue screen arouand twice a
month and just plain slow up to a crawl around once a week ... 

> What I'm trying to find is industry evidence of SQueaL's performance (or 
> lack of). The more gory the details the better. Our VB "guru" exclaims the 
> ease with which "a major New Zealand bank" rolled out SQueaL on (what I can 
> presume to be a truck load of) NT servers "without a hitch". He's a nice 
> guy, but he's living in La-la-land if he thinks the throughput of a Kiwi 
> bank matches that of an international telco.

Leons links to TPC are ace .. thats amazing .. the best NT powered thing
is at a piss poor 1700 ...  presumably NT doesnt scale well to a 128
processor UltraSparc then ;)))

> So far the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the *nix & DBA people have been 
> ignored. Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of mind set? Any advice 
> (apart from becoming a US postal worker...)

hmm .. well .. depends on how much you need the job ... I quit trying to
save idiots from themselves years ago ... tell em .. then tell em what
you told em .. then tell em again .. if they still don;t get it then fsck
em. they're clueballs. let em implement it and enjoy the laughter.

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