On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 12:42:34AM +0100, Robin Szemeti wrote:
> Leons links to TPC are ace .. thats amazing .. the best NT powered thing
> is at a piss poor 1700 ...  presumably NT doesnt scale well to a 128
> processor UltraSparc then ;)))

AFAIK, the starfire (Sun Ultra Enterprise 10000) only goes up to 64
processors (I used to work on an under equipped one  ;-)  The SGI
challenge does 128 procs, though.

I also believe that Unisys do 32 processor NT machines, although I heard
a rumour that they had stopped recently.

At the level of database you're talking about, although multiple
processors is nice, and they do want to be *fast*[1], the real critical
issue is going to be disk bandwith.  Fibre to the drive, baby!

Sorry, but I have no experience of SQL server worth mentioning, just
Oracle.  Although the starfire had 6Gb of RAM in the place I used to
work at, it still ran like treacle.  But I'm no DBA, so there's probably
a very good reason for it doing this.

-Dom (still shuddering at the backups of a poxy 250Gb database)

[1] The ultrasparc was still stuck at 400Mhz last I looked...

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