Robin Szemeti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>On Wed, 06 Jun 2001, Ian Brayshaw wrote:
> > I'm working for a telecoms company that is considering a proposal > to 
>move its billing system from Oracle on Solaris, to SQueaLServer > & NT. 
>It's a decision that is coming from management (where > else?), and I'm 
>trying to find out if it's as ludicrous as it >sounds.
>Ho ho .. Ian, April fools day was ages ago ...
>I didn't even reallise you could get NT for serious mips .. I though it 
>only ran on likkle PC things ...

I wouldn't have used the word "ran" ...

Yeah, I know this sounds crazy, but unfortunately the coding world is 
occasionally inhabited by the unwashed (or should that be brainwashed?). We 
have a strong (ie vocal) VB development team (sorry for swearing on this 
list; time to repent: pony pony pony buffy buffy buffy willow willow 
willow), who are "advising" how to proceed. We also have a new head of IT 
who is likely to support the move because "it's the same system that I have 
on my desktop". No one seems to have drawn the connection with its place on 
the desktop and its inability to do anything beyond (and including) the 
desktop. The chief "advisor" raves about the power, flexibility and price of 
SQueaLServer19100 being more than a match for Oracle 8i/9i.

What I'm trying to find is industry evidence of SQueaL's performance (or 
lack of). The more gory the details the better. Our VB "guru" exclaims the 
ease with which "a major New Zealand bank" rolled out SQueaL on (what I can 
presume to be a truck load of) NT servers "without a hitch". He's a nice 
guy, but he's living in La-la-land if he thinks the throughput of a Kiwi 
bank matches that of an international telco.

So far the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the *nix & DBA people have been 
ignored. Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of mind set? Any advice 
(apart from becoming a US postal worker...)

If it goes through, this is one coder that will be seeking alternate 
employment (along with the rest of the company).

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