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On 01/02/2019 13:25 , Christian Hopps wrote:

Summary of where we are at with dynamic flooding reduction:

- We have a well written original work that came first and described the
problems as well as a TLVs to allow for a centralized solution
(draft-li-dyanmic-flooding). We do not need to standardize the
centralized algorithm.

- A small change to this work allowed for distributed algorithms and for
outside work on distributed algorithms to continue in parallel.

- We have another original work that started primarily as a distributed

- Finally we also have:
  - Cross-pollination of ideas.
  - Failed attempts at merging.
  - An authors list "Arms-Race".

Moving forward:

- During IETF 103 I proposed we have no conflict if we:

  1) adopt draft-li-lsr-dyanmic-flooding as the base WG document.
  2) have authors of draft-cc-lsr-flooding-reduction work on a
distributed algorithm as they started with.

- Acee agreed during the meeting (as chair) that this was the best way
forward. We had some agreement form the floor as well.

- Any good ideas regarding the distribution of a centralized topology
can be debated and added (with appropriate attribution) to the base
document after we adopt one.

- This is what happens when we adopt a document as WG work, we work on it.

- The original authors of the distributed solution can continue to work
on their distributed algorithm in a separate document which would also
need standardization.

Does anyone see a serious problem with this path forward?

Chris & Acee.
LSR Chairs.

Christian Hopps <cho...@chopps.org> writes:

We've had the authors of the individual conflicting drafts take a shot
at merging their work.

   This has failed.

Here is the full history (which I also summarized during IETF103 as
well). I will send a second email discussing this.

- Jan 2, 2018 Publication: draft-li-dynamic-flooding and
  published centralized solution.

- Mar 5, 2018 Publication: draft-cc-isis-flooding-reduction and
  published distributed solution.
  - mention of centralized solution asserting it is not good choice.

- IETF 101 (Mar 2018)
  - Video:

  - Minutes:
  - draft-li-dynamic-flooding-02 presented (1 author). at IETF 101
    - Generally well received.
  - draft-cc-ospf-flooding-reduction-00 (4 authors) presented.
    - Serious problems immediately found during presentation -- not
fully baked.

- Mar 18, 2018 draft-li-dynamic-flooding-03 published (1 author)
- Mar 27, 2018 draft-li-dynamic-flooding-04 published (1 author)
- Apr 20, 2018 draft-cc-ospf-flooding-reduction-01 revised
- Jun 28, 2018 draft-li-dynamic-flooding-05 published (2 authors)
  - Does not specify distributed algorithm only how to indicate one in
use, small change.

- Jul 2, 2018 draft-cc-ospf-flooding-reduction-02 published

- IETF 102 (Jul 14, 2018)
  - draft-li-dynamic-flooding-05 presented.
  - draft-cc-ospf-flooding-reduction-02 presented.

- Sep 12, 2018 draft-cc-ospf-flooding-reduction-03 (4 authors)

- Sep 20, 2018 draft-cc-ospf-flooding-reduction-04 (4 authors)

- Oct 21, 2018 draft-li-lsr-dynamic-flooding-00 and -01 (5 authors)

- IETF 103 (Nov 3, 2018)

  - Chairs give direction

    - draft-li-lsr-dynamic-flooding-05 having come first, being well
written and not
      specifying a distributed algorithm (merely allowing for one) is
the correct vehicle
      to adopt as a base document.

    - Distributed algorithm work (the original basis for
      should continue as a separate document form the base which would
thus we have no

- In the meantime the authors try and merge work, this fails.

- Dec 3, 2018 draft-li-lsr-dynamic-flooding-02 (7 authors)

- Dec 10, 2018 draft-cc-lsr-flooding-reduction-00 (4 authors)

- Jan 7, 2019  draft-cc-lsr-flooding-reduction-01 (8 authors)

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