Well, its always difficult to say the system requirements. Xubuntu is
suggesting that they require 192mb RAM for it to be usable. But Xubuntu is
heavy, lubuntu should be far less.

On LXDE website they say this:

   - The hardware requirements of LXDE are similiar to Windows 98 (Maybe a
   little bit higher). An old Pentium II CPU is enough.
   - After X11 and LXDE are started, the total memory usage is about 45 MB
   on i386 machines. (This value may be higher or lower according to different
   system configurations.)
   - Though LXDE itself doesn't require better hardware, other applications
   under X do need it. For example, Firefox and OpenOffice.org 2 are quite
   memory-hungry. So it's recommended that you have a RAM of more than 128 MB.

So going off that, we could safely say that 64mb would be a minimum
requirement and 128mb Recommended. Plus, our heaviest app is likely to be
firefox, that wants 128mb RAM. So by saying that Lubuntu desktop will need
64mb RAM (minimum) and then to run a few apps you will need 128mb

This is something the team could look at in a virtual machine, "How Low Can
We Go". Try Lubuntu in a VM with 128mb, 64mb, 32mb, 16mb????"

2009/6/30 jon york <jr_...@hotmail.com>

>  Good point ed,
> we are forgetting our requirements, and getting head of ourselves.
> so now that we are mostly agreed on being small and lightweight, what will
> be the minimum and recommended specs?
> Jon York
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> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 15:07:11 +0100
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> Subject: [Lubuntu-desktop] Lubuntu could end up like Xubuntu (Heavy & Slow)
> I believe its a bad idea having different versions of Lubuntu, having
> different meta packages of Lubuntu is not what lubutnu needs. Its all about
> lightweight distro. The Ubuntu guidelines requires the distro to have one
> build, lubuntu-desktop.
> All we need to do is make sure that this single meta package is bundled
> with a few lightweight apps for the end user to require out of the box which
> works well with the LXDE environment.
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