Dear Arthur and all,

BTW, I have found evidence that Carl Ferdinand Becker must have aquired the 
Bach tablatures (995, 997, 1000) before the 1836 Breitkopf auction where he 
served as advisor, 1832/33 at latest. His fellow Bach collector Franz Hauser 
knew about it. So the entry "Praeludien etc" "3 Bog.[en]" in the auction 
catalogue refers to the score of 995 (to Fetis) only, the plural seems to be a 


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   Hi Stephen,

   You got it ! ! !


   12 Trios lute, violin âcello in B-Br Ms II 4088.  Also the Pichler
   piece in Ms II 4087 (viii) according to Tim Crawford.

   Meyer, Christian. "Les Manuscrits De Luth Du Fonds Fétis (Bruxelles,
   Bibliothèque Royale Albert Ier, Mss II 4086-4089)." Revue Belge De
   Musicologie / Belgisch Tijdschrift Voor Muziekwetenschap, vol. 50,
   1996, pp. 197â216. JSTOR, JSTOR, [1]

   Also listed with complete titles in Boetticher's RISM VII inventory,
   pp. 62-4. These were from the Fétis collection and may have been
   acquired from the Breitkopf auction of 1832 (can't find my notes). The
   catalogue is extremely rare, but is about 1 ½ inches thick.***
   Breitkopf decided to empty their warehouse of outmoded music.  What a
   treasure!!  Unique copies of some of the Bach lute pieces were among
   the offering.

   Stephan Olbertz, "An Unknown Lute Piece in a Keyboard Manuscript with
   Works by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach," JLSA 44 (2012): 1-22.

   ***Copy in the University Library, Amsterdam (NO Longer in the
   Amsterdam public library).
   Enjoy, Roland!

    Arthur Ness

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   Think of the galant lute trio like a piano trio... You get the idea ;-)
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   Dear Roland,
   Iââ¬â¢m afraid I donââ¬â¢t know about these trios by Johann
   Kropfgans, but I
   would very much like to know more about them. I see from a quick search
   on the internet that Kropfgans wrote chamber music for the lute, violin
   and cello, including one in C minor, but I see no evidence of lute
   trios. It is possible that Lutz Kirchhof made his own lute trio
   arrangements from those chamber music pieces, but Iââ¬â¢m only
   Hopefully youââ¬â¢ll be able to find out more.
   Best wishes,
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   He wrote 32 lute trios? What are the sources? I just heard one in c
   minor w/ Lutz Kerchoff. Outstanding!! r
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