Looks like a good resource. The one I worked from had MySQL backed accounts and postadmin set up (+ a bunch of anti spam / anti virus stuff)

It looks like you have missed out a SASL authentication mechanism.  I
recommend using Dovecot as it's MUCH easier than getting Postfix to use MySQL
directly.  But following the above blog post is the easiest thing to do.  I
read my own blog posts when I have to do these things.  ;)


1. Edit*/etc/postfix/*, uncomment the line for
   the*submission*service, and restart Postfix. This makes Postfix
   listen on port 587 which is allowed through most firewalls.

It looks like that all along I had not set up 587 on the VM. Thank you for helping me circle back to the obvious!

The only thing left to do is set up vacation emails - any suggestions? Preferably with a way for users to manage them themselves (bearing in mind the Dovecot / SASL / MySQL thingo)

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