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> > On Tuesday, 20 September 2016 9:00:08 AM AEST Piers Rowan via luv-main 
> > > The only thing left to do is set up vacation emails - any suggestions?
> > > Preferably with a way for users to manage them themselves (bearing in
> > > mind
> > > the Dovecot / SASL / MySQL thingo)
> > 
> > Never tried it, but I just found this with a quick search:
> > 
> > http://vacation-web.sourceforge.net/
> Back in the day, vacation would create .forward, and run
> vi vacation.msg
> What more could one want?

Given that users are unable to run a command-line program like "vacation" 
nowadays a web based interface such as vacation-web is what Piers probably 
needs.  Whether vacation-web works as is desired is the issue.

For my clients the number of vacation requests has been small enough that it's 
easier to just have them email or SMS me when they want it set up.

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