On 21.09.16 19:20, Chris Samuel via luv-main wrote:
> On Tuesday, 20 September 2016 9:00:08 AM AEST Piers Rowan via luv-main wrote:
> > The only thing left to do is set up vacation emails - any suggestions?
> > Preferably with a way for users to manage them themselves (bearing in mind
> > the Dovecot / SASL / MySQL thingo)
> Never tried it, but I just found this with a quick search:
> http://vacation-web.sourceforge.net/

On debian, there is also:

$ apt-cache search vacation
vacation - email autoresponder

If that's the same one I used more than 20 years ago, it auto-responds
only to the first mail received from each correspondent, to avoid
annoyance. Where/how it keeps the correspondents list may have changed
over the decades, perhaps.

Back in the day, vacation would create .forward, and run
vi vacation.msg
What more could one want?

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