On Sunday, 11 March 2018 6:37:56 PM AEDT Craig Sanders via luv-main wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 07:49:48PM +1100, Russell Coker wrote:
> > Unlike BTRFS, you can expect every feature of ZFS to just work.  It may be
> > a total PITA to get it working, it may not be something you even want to
> ZFS just works, and I've never found it to be a PITA at all.  I've been
> using it since around 2010.

BTRFS snapshots just appear ready to use.  ZFS snapshots have to have extra 
stuff done to expose them.  Snapshots of ZFS block devices have similar levels 
of pain.

>  * `apt-get install zfs-dkms zfsutils-linux` (and optionally zfs-zed and
>    zfsnap) is no big deal.  It's no more trouble than installing anything
>    else.

Well the extra compilation step when updating the kernel and the requirement 
to have GCC installed on systems that otherwise don't need it is annoying.  
But an Ubuntu kernel solves that.

>  * non-rootfs storage just works - no hassle, no fuss, no drama. Couldn't be
> easier...certainly a lot less work/hassle than LVM and/or mdam + ext4 or
> xfs.

If the installer supported it then that would be the case.  As an aside does 
the Ubuntu installer support ZFS?

But given that you can just install straight to mdadm+LVM+Ext4 or BTRFS, in 
Debian at least ZFS is much harder to use.

>  * getting linux to boot from ZFS requires some work (unless your distro
>    supports it natively, like Ubuntu).  A few hours of reading and about the
> same of careful, methodical work the first time you do it.

Or you decide that something that requires a few hours of reading might be too 
fragile for your root filesystem.

>    IMO it's worth the effort just for snapshots & zfs send backups of the
>    rootfs.  All the other ZFS features are just gravy.

You can have a cron job that rsyncs the root on Ext4 to ZFS and then uses ZFS 
snapshots etc for managing backups.

> I don't really care about samba, but one of these days I should look into
> doing NFS exports just by setting an attribute on a dataset in zfs.  For
> now, editing /etc/exports is easy enough.

Good luck with that, it didn't work well for me.

I probably could have got it working without too much effort, but the 
alternative of just editing /etc/exports and running "exportfs -r" is very 
easy so I gave up.

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