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On June 1, 2016 10:31:14 AM Wolfgang Engelmann <engelm...@uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:

On 01.06.2016 13:55, PhilipPirrip wrote:
On 05/31/2016 05:17 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:

This I do not understand. Classicthesis language is set in English, why
is ngerman demanded? If I do need it, how do I load it?

There's a section in Abstract.lyx marked as German.

2- with biblatex_biber I do not get the bibliography in the pdf
What has to be done

Have you checked two simple examples from

Do they work? Do you have biber installed? All three engines (bibtex,
bibtex8, biber) work for me on linux, people had some issues with
biber on other OS.
I checked the http://wiki.lyx.org/BibTeX/Biblatex examples, both work.
So biber should work.
But classicthesis-LyX-v4.2_biblatex_biber does not produce the
References in the pdf output (the page stays empty) and gives no error
message for it (there is an error "unknown float option 'H' -ignored, p
used - which is unimportant for me).
The classicthesis-LyX-v4.2_biblatex_bibtex example works and produces
the References in the output.
Could you or somebody else kindly check whether
classicthesis-LyX-v4.2_biblatex_biber works?

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