On 30/07/2017 19:13, Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
If you use dropbox, can't you just put ALL the files there and edit
from there?

The feature I am talking about does the work for you. When the machine works for you, you win. The machine is your friend.

Look at the following scenario. Alice and Bob are using dropbox to share a LyX document and Alice is making a plot. She keeps producing different versions of the file and puts them in the folder "./Pictures" (that you know and love so much!). As she keeps producing more versions of the picture she has cluttered the folder with unnecessary files. After one day is time for clean-up. Now she has to find all the files that are actually used in the file and delete those that are not.

What I normally do is to rename the folder "Pictures" so that LyX complains it cannot find the source file and then I replace one by one the files I am really using. This slow and painful.

I am _sure_ you have smart way of doing the same with a script, git, and some other exotic tool that every granma knows how to use from the time of World War II, but has ever occurred to you that all this work is just entirely spared if you use a file format that internally saves all the used external files?

I think the example of GIMP layers is a great example to exaggerate the situation.

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