Oh my god, finally somebody with a Keyboard and a Heart showed up!
I have to say that is often the case that I find this kind of resistance in open-source developers communities - sometimes I wonder what is really "open" there!?

It may also mean "people without spare time trying to move on with their lives".

Seriously, and forgive me for the off-topic here, but it seems that on this thread is slowly surfacing one of the worst sins of open source communities: the attitude of "it's easy for me, then it must be easy for you too, you lazy looser".

Well, usually it's not easy. And people is neither lazy nor lousy nor anything. For most people on the world computers are just boxes they use to complete a task they don't even want to do. There is nothing they should be ashamed of if they don't care about the "superiority of X approach compared to the evil Y", specially if X requires a long learning process.

You cannot tell a normal person "if you want to write in collaboration, just use git". You cannot say to anyone, not even to me, someone that's been using Linux as his main system for the last two decades, to "use make". That attitude is not only wrong, it is one of the main reasons why we are still a minority on the consumer market. If your answers are targeted to computer wise persons, only computer wise person will listen to you.

As I said, I started to use F(L)OSS almost two decades ago. I'm using LyX since before it switched to Qt. Back then I compiled every new version by myself. But even with my experience I would have loved to have an "everything within the file" file format when, twelve years ago, I was writing my PhD thesis on LyX: at the time I did not had an internet connection at home so syncing all the files was a real PITA. Even now, in a time with automated backup utilities, usb drives and cloud storage I found the lack of an easy way to work on a "project" instead of "fiddling with several folders, each with dozens if not hundreds of files" quite cumbersome.

And another thing: the fact that MS implemented some idea does not means the idea is bad, saying so it's silly. A lot of F(L)OSS projects use "all within the file" file formats: ODF, and open source ISO standard, it's just a bunch of xml files and folders comfortably packed on a zip file. Also, can you even imagine what would be to work on krita or gimp if those projects just save all layers and masks on different files?

Please, people, think a bit on real users, not just on yourselves.

Thanks. [end of off-topic]


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