Roberto wrote:
> On 30/07/2017 19:13, Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
>> If you use dropbox, can't you just put ALL the files there and edit
>> from there?
> The feature I am talking about does the work for you. When the machine 
> works for you, you win. The machine is your friend.

To wrap it up little bit. The idea of bundled lyx format is nothing new and
there were already serious attempts to implemented it in the LyX codebase as
an option (the current link-to-images philosophy is for sure to stay as a

At the time the showstoppers were technical issues mainly involving
security concerns (how much info about the directory structure around
are you allowed to leak into the bundled file, etc). The discussion
unfortunatelly became so heated that we had to revert the already
implemented machinery and even lost one lyx developer...

So I would say that your wish is defintely shared among the developers,
but the change is not so simple and the devil is hidden in the details.
But one day... :)
If there was actually larger number of people who would like to donate
money for such project, we could create section for it at ...

As of now you have basically three workarounds and none of it is really
yo mama solution:
1. lyx archive (tar.gz)
2. sharing via networked filesystem (nfs,sshfs,dropbox)
3. version control (RCS,SVN,Git)
plus combinations of the above.


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