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I have version on my MacBook Pro. I consider it a poor substitute for the Windows version. I can't turn off the blinking cursor (extremely annoying!), I can't change the background color (white background gives me a headache), hotkeys don't work, etc. Is there an alternative binary that I could download?


LyX uses Qt for the user interface. (I'm not sure which Qt version, but I have LyX on Linux Mint, and my copy uses Qt 5.12.8.) On Linux there's a Qt configuration utility that lets you change settings globally for all apps using the Qt library. I don't see an on/off switch for cursor blink, but there is a setting for "Cursor flash time", and setting that to 0 ms. seems to make the cursor not blink. This would affect all Qt-based apps on your system, but it sounds as if you would not object to losing cursor blink in other apps.

The key question is, is there a Qt configuration app for MacOS?


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