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On 18 Feb 2022, at 1:46 , Tom Goldring via lyx-users <lyx-users@lists.lyx.org> 
I have version on my MacBook Pro. I consider it a poor substitute for 
the Windows version. I can't turn off the blinking cursor (extremely 
annoying!), I can't change the background color (white background gives me a 
headache), hotkeys don't work, etc. Is there an alternative binary that I could 
Not sure what the problems are there but, for the record, I use the LyX 
binaries from lyx.org on both my MacBook Pro (M1 chip) and a Windows laptop and 
the functionality is pretty much identical. It does appear that you are stuck 
with a blinking cursor (since that’s an OS level thing), but I have no problem 
changing the background color (did you uncheck “Use system colors”?), and 
cursor movement keys and other shortcuts work identically in both versions. 
(Maybe you mean something more by “hotkeys”?)

I doubt another MacOS binary would solve your problem but one thing you could 
try is to install Parallels or VMWare Fusion and run Linux in a VM. I installed 
the ARM version of Ubuntu on my MBP (kind of for kicks) and compiled LyX on it and found that it is actually significantly faster than the MacOS 
version (presumably because the latter is not compiled for Apple Silicon and 
hence uses Rosetta 2).

Chris Menzel

Yes, I meant keyboard shortcuts. E.g. to bring up the "Insert" menu, alt-i just inserts an unwanted character into the text.

How do I uncheck "Use system colors"? Is that somewhere in System Preferences?

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